by ErinSha

Personal Travel & Content Photographer

A Boutique lifestyle & travel photography brand that captures your most genuine, intimate and fun moments of life. We believe in creatng a space that allows you to be fully present in your experience and true to the Authenticity of the moment with as little disruption from us as possible- We capture your story creatively, So you can share your unique story.

A true (Butter)Fly on the wall- 


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Retreat Hosts: Fitness, wellness, business

Brands: Travel and lifestyle

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Whether hosting a retreat, girls getaway or group trip. Whether its a few days out of town or 1 eventful day locally, those genuine moments are special and took a lot to put together- and thus should be captured. Every day is important (not just weddngs, and milestone bdays). You and your friends deserve this time, which also means you or your guests shouldn’t be wasting time trying to get the best photo. And why should one of you be the designated photographer? Well, Thats where i come in. I'm your personal photographer who will travel along wth you, to capture the good, the funny, the details, the emotions, and the "ops did i do that" moments that somtimes only I see. Its lifestyle and authentic but most of all its more time with your loved ones, you can't get back. 

-You wont have to grab the stranger walking by to take the group photo this time!