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Meet Derrick: Chef. Bmore bread. LA Bound


I often find myself in total control of how often I go on Instagram, but as of late Im hitting that button way too many times throughout the day. 

What I will say, its allowed me to find people and reach out to those I would never have none about or had access to. Not everyone responds but that is okay ( I just hit them up again). I have booked work and pitched ideas. I sent thank you messages to people who inspire me through there work. I've also connected with people which has led to off-line relationships. Usually, we connect through a common skill of photography or they have the need for photography and I like the work they do. 


With all that- I want to share the moments I have with these IG folks. bringing people together within a whole new realm of meaning, intention and curiosity. 


My most recent off-line meet up was with Derrick (@derricksworld). How I stumbled on his page I haven’t a clue, but i was instantly intrigued by his photography skills and light. Even more so he was a chef so I’d often be drawling over the dish he featured while wondering what his light strategy and setup was for capturing the often moody, dark yet vibrant feels of the food he cooked. 

I reached out and we planned to connect and did so within just a few days of introducing ourselves via IG DM. 


Derrick was inspiring in his own unknown right. I walk into his small, yet well organized and decorated studio that made it feel a lot bigger and was impressed with how he put his place together. I automatically knew he had a creative yet detailed process and thought-provoking way of thinking. He had a lot in his place. it all felt right like it was suppose to be there but not everyone would know this. I also knew that I wouldn't have been able to conceptualize my space the way he had. I also quickly found out he created (built) pieces I told him I was fond of. Why was I focusing on all this? Simply put, he was a real creative who had ideas and just tried them. He had no fear in trying. And I knew I did. It inspired and motivated me while also put light on the dim-ness Id let take over me. 


Regardless I was in a creative space, with a chef who made dessert from scratch and we would photograph it and eat it. I was cool with all and any emotions thoughts and images that came out of this moment. 

I'll also say about Derrick: born and raised in Baltimore, he doesn’t fit the stereotypical ideals of a black male from Baltimore, I would assume he skateboards but I saw no evidence of that, he’s a great photographer. He’s never traveled but will be moving to LA mid Mach making this is first time traveling as far and first move from Bmore. Stories like that make me swoon because the potential of newness that opens up to you when you decide to do something different is just incredible. The trajectory of his life and how he was living will be completely different once moves. if he continued to live in MD he would have a totally different outcome to each day he lives and that makes life so cool. 


I'm sure this new adventure will bring challenges worth the reward. . 



Fun Facts

Instagram: @derricksworld


Favorite food to eat: Asia, mexican

How did you start cooking: started off at a chain restaurant rolling silverware. eventually asked to work in the kitchen. Went to culinary school in bmore after realizing he liked it and there she wrote.

Whats your next personal goal? Personal/private chef company