Studio updates.

Photo Day- Baltimore Light City Festival


Hey good people,


I can't believe its mid to end of April already. I have not kept up with blogging although I have several posts written. Anyway, this past weekend we here in the Northeast were blessed with 2 magical summer days on Friday and Saturday- I mean we are talking 80-degrea weather. it was amazing and a tease. Lets just say I wont go into what happened on Sunday and the current situation. 

I headed out early Saturday evening , it was still light out but it was later than I wanted to get out the house. I was able to convince a friend to get out the house as well, which worked out because she had a friend who owned a boat they were taking out that evening. I found myself in great new company on a sailboat, at night - in canton headed towards the inner harbor where all the festivities for the opening of light city were happening.

Light City is a yearly event in Baltimore which focuses on art installments which light up of course. We could see the movement of the mob of people, the neon lights in the sky, the buildings I’d never seen from that perspective all while the sounds of the marching bands drums echoed from the distance. We had such a beautiful view, but taking photos at night, on a moving sailboat is definitely not easy.


Sometimes I contemplate leaving my camera so that I'm able to just enjoy whatever I'm doing in a different way. Recently I've been going against that feeling and weight it out by using only my small light 35mm lens to keep the camera light and easy to keep on my shoulder. Of course, I love sharing my photos with hopes to inspire emotion, feelings and questions but I take photos for me too. 


Peace out for now!