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Atlanta x Blavity x Amazing Women= Everything


My vision to attend the Blavity Summit21 conference seemed unattainable due to the cost. Early on I'd reached out to them about photographing the event. Weeks, maybe months past and the decision of just biting the bullet or taking the "L" and missing the conference was upon me. I reached out one more time, but to ask for a promotion code (yup, dont ask and you shall not recieve for sure was my thoughts), and don't you know they responded. Not with a promo code but to ask if id want to be a photographer. 

 The conference oozed good energy, knowledge and info, style, beauty, and inspiration. it was impressive space, design as i walked through before emptiness was overtaken by eager, bold and curious women in heels and fashion forward clothing.

 The engrgy and informaton was so much more than i expected.

Topcis ranged from Money, beauty, impact lead by female movers and shakers who are makng strides in their industry right now. Some women I've recently discovered and others I'd never heard of but was eager to get more than an ear full when I could from everyone. 

See, one thing I love about photography is that you get to be everywhere. You get to feel and see the emotions of everyone. You get to have fun, and enjoy the events. On the other hand- you're not enjoying them like everyone else gets to. i contemplate sometimes if I want to be on the other side, dependng on what im photographing, but i quickly realize the experience of beng behind the lens is like know other. 


Women Laughed, Danced, Meditated, worked, networked, challenged themselves, learned new possibilties. This whole idea of entreprenuership is new to me. I've never considered myself one, nor did i have people around me who pushed my ideas and visions or spoke with that entreprenueral mindset. . So, being around this new energy and support is not only exciting, its super encouraging. 

The line up of featured women was also impressve. 


CoCo and breezy turns lunch time all the way up. A much needed and intentional element to the last day of the Conference. Yes, it was 1pm and 60 people were doing the electric slide during lunch and just straght jamin to the sounds of the skilled duo. My first time seeing and hearing these beautiful twins perform- it took nothing to become a fan instantly.


Tiffany the budgetnista (if you don't no about her yet, you really should, trust me), Danielle the online course guru, the Talented Daisha Graff, Zim founder of travel noire were just a few of the fierce women who graced the stages over the 2 days. 


it was inspiring to tag along someone for 2 days who has just become a true woman beast in the entrepreuneral world. Not only did Morgan and her team put on an amazng conference, Morgan thought she'd just throw in the launch of her skin care line for brown women. i mean, seriously- the accomplishments! So exciting.

M.Roze - Essentials


For a trip/conference i wasn't sure i'd get to attend- This up close, behind the scenes experience was amazing. its a bit addicting actually- the feeling of inspiration, encouragement, and fierceness. The feeling that you know exactly what to do next and you have no doubt you can do it. That feeling gets losts a lot in the daily hustle and grind of your purpose and business. Staying motivated in this "untraditional" le one of the most presse skllsets along wh contnued determnaton and pursut they should be worth a lot more than gve on a resume and a conversatn wth people choosng a dferent path and may not get the struggle and power. A day remder to trust myself more, belve n myself, support others and Keep gong even when you dont know what to do

Robin Theade and Ashely Baine ended the main stage with most appropriet and genuine comedy and authenticity. Laughing and crying these two made a team I'm not sure they even realized completmnted so well. All i got to to them is more please.


Erin Douglas