Studio updates.

The day I met Common

Well, when I say I met Common, it's more like, I stood next to him and photographed him for hours but froze when it came to speaking to him. - What is wrong with me-

I just started shooting after getting stumped on my words.

I just started shooting after getting stumped on my words.

Here's how it went:

I'd accepted the fact I  wouldn't get booked for the Common concert as a photographer after never getting a response when I inquired and expressed wanting the opportunity. I was bummed, but not for long. However, I was very open and clear (to myself and God) it was something I wanted. The weekend of, I found myself perusing the Target natural hair product aisle with a friend (some of you already know the deal), because of our sheer boredom and annoyance of another day of rain - We needed to get out of the house. 

Then: A phone call from a number I didn’t recognize until I did. And that quick I was being booked to shoot the concert/show the very next day. How the heck did that happen so fast? A fundraiser for the current States Attorney looking to make a stamp in the community and get reelected in the upcoming elections. 

I was excited and nervous to say the least. 

The event started off like any other social event- photographing people conversing and enjoying themselves. Then Common arrived and so did the Mayhem. I was the only female working in my kind of role alongside 4 other guys with cameras in front of their face. l realized quickly the extra size balls I needed to grow from that point on. I wouldn’t say they grew much by the end of the night- but they grew some- a lesson for the next. 

With the camera fixed in front of my eye, competing for a view of my main subjects, my thoughts were racing- stop feeling intimidated, trust my eye, trust my gift, take command and push my way in front, speak loud and tell people what I need from them and most importantly Land the shot (a lot of shots not needed). 

I'm backstage with Common, standing so close to him our shoulders rub, he’s pepping himself up for his set, while we listen to MuMu Fresh killing it on the other side of the curtain. 

I wanted to ask for a picture, but my brain was saying all kinds of ish- like, you don’t have a flash on phone front facing. it was super dark- like what the heck,  it didn't? 

I still don’t know...Smh

I say how are you?, he responds and 2 minutes later he’s on stage and I'm on there with him. Running up down and all around, I loved it for sure. to be on stage with all the artist capturing them at their best was good enough for me. 

I still can’t get over the simple fact that I was there. Not because of the States Attorney and Common- but because my desire came true in a short time. Be clear about what you want, ask for it, however, be totally content and grateful if it doesn’t happen. Realize how quickly things can turn around when you least expect it, so don’t sulk in any regret or sadness or disappointment so you don’t miss something. 

Note to self—— Everyday and Always